Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Temptation Thursday 01/13/2011

This thursday the knitting divas (my wonderful knitting girlfriends) had our Christmas party. Last year around October we all drew names to make each other a well loved hand knit present.
 I made Katrin 198 yards of heaven. Made with Rowan Lima in the color Andes. Very yummy!

She in return made me the most amazing mittens! I'm sooo excited about them!
She made the Druid Mittens  by Jared Flood! I LOVE Jared Flood. He's probably one of my top 10 designers. These gloves are amazingly warm!

Please excuse the cheesy picture but I just can't do anything else but smile when I look, touch, or even think about these gloves. So in love. Sigh... If I get Katrin this year again for Christmas my present is going to be wayyyyy better.  It's a promise Katrin.

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